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Our spring 2022 issue is off to the printers!

-Hitterdal Lutheran Church Memorial: Preserving and honoring faithful generations

-The Nome Schoolhouse: From schoolhouse to fiber arts center featuring Dakota Fiber Mill and Bear Creek Felting

-Speeding Along: Jamestown Speedway remains a popular spot

- Mickelson Tiny Plants: Offering goods all year round at Lena's Fresh Farmers Market

- Throwback Shirt Guy: Bringing back North Dakota mascots and memories

-The Accordion Man: Jerry Schlag shares musical talent for 70 Years

-North Dakota Wildlife Viewing: Spring spurs activity at Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge, Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge, White Horse Hill National Game Preserve, and Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge

- Jody Kerzman KFYR TV is spreading the “Good News” of North Dakota

- Bearscat Bakehouse: Unique and creative donuts

- Phat Fish Brewing: Craft Beers and Pizza

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